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<br data-mce-bogus="1"><br data-mce-bogus="1">Helping You Establish Retirement Security

Helping You Establish Retirement Security

Whether you’re preparing to close the door on your work days or you’re already retired, our services are intended for individuals and couples looking for a clear financial plan. Through our strategic process, we look forward to learning about how you want to spend your time in your retirement and what your responsibilities and needs are. We’ll also consider important issues of legacy planning and passing on your wealth to future generations.

Bringing Your Entire Financial Picture into Alignment

Services that address every aspect of preserving and protecting your nest egg:

Retirement Readiness Planning

We help you determine if your current actions will allow you to retire when you want, with the lifestyle you desire. Together, we’ll determine where you stand currently and what changes need to be made to improve your chances of success.

Retirement Cash Flow Planning

A major concern for retirees is understanding how income works once they no longer have a paycheck. We develop an organized, inflation-adjusted spending plan designed to maintain your lifestyle and preserve your nest egg throughout retirement and for your beneficiaries.

Social Security Analysis

We review your options regarding your retirement, spousal and survivor benefits if available. Timing on claiming benefits is equally important, so we determine when to claim your benefits and how to synergize those with your spouse’s benefits and your other retirement resources.

Investment Planning and Management

We’ll analyze your portfolio to see if it’s properly structured to support your most important goals and your risk tolerance. If need be, we’ll alter your asset allocation, identify opportunities to reduce investment expenses, and lower taxes. On an ongoing basis, we’ll monitor and adjust your portfolio.

Tax Reduction Planning

We’ll review your tax return and Form 1099’s to find opportunities to reduce your tax liabilities. While we don’t prepare tax returns, we’ll coordinate with your CPA or tax professional to ensure we’re all acting in unison.

Estate and Generational Legacy Planning

Together, we’ll talk through how you would like your estate to be distributed to the ones you love. To the extent possible, we will reduce state and federal estate taxes and minimize estate settlement costs. We’ll also review beneficiary designations to determine that there are no inconsistencies. We do all of this in coordination with your attorney and CPA as necessary.

Survivor Needs Analysis

The loss of a spouse is perhaps one of the most traumatic experiences anyone will ever go through. We help you assess the financial impact and determine the actions you should take today to ensure that your loved one can maintain his/her desired lifestyle when you are gone.

Annuity Review

We’ll do a comprehensive review of your existing annuities and evaluate the registration in terms of ownership, annuitant, and beneficiaries. We consider internal expenses as well as living benefit features and determine if your existing annuities are still meeting their financial objectives or if better alternatives are available.

Long-Term Care Planning

The cost of funding long-term care, whether in your own home, in assisted living facilities, or a nursing home, can erode even the best of retirement plans if not properly planned for. We’ll identify your options, including the use of asset protection trusts, asset re-titling, gifting, and long-term care insurance.

Education Funding

We help our clients implement strategies to assist in funding education costs for children and grandchildren, including 529 Savings plans and creative use of Roth IRA’s as college funding vehicles. We educate clients on the impact various funding vehicles can have on need-based financial aid while still optimizing opportunities for financial assistance.

IRA Planning

We take advantage of opportunities for tax-deferred growth in traditional IRAs and tax-free growth in Roth IRAs. Roth IRA conversions, deductibility of contributions, and penalties for early withdrawals are also considered. We calculate required minimum distributions and ensure that IRS rules are complied with on a timely basis.

401(k), 403(b) Employer Plans

We review employer-matching features and the menu of investment options offered to ensure you are taking advantage of available opportunities that coordinate with your overall retirement plan. When you separate from service or retire, we’ll help you evaluate your rollover options and decide which course of action works best for you.


We help our clients to determine their life, disability, and long-term care insurance needs. We request and review policy updates and in-force ledgers, and beneficiary designations. We advise our clients on policy status, adequacy of coverage, possible modifications, policy terminations, replacement options and lower cost alternatives if available and appropriate.

Debt Management

We assist our clients in managing existing mortgage loans, unsecured debt, consumer debt, and college loans. We will evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of principal pay down - in full, in part, or sequentially over time. We review loan re-characterization options, refinancing options, and short-term/bridge financing, including the use of investment accounts as security for loans.

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