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Giving You the Freedom to Enjoy Your Retirement
By Managing Your Financial Picture

<br data-mce-bogus="1">Together, We&#8217;ll Create <br/>Your Personalized Financial Roadmap

Together, We’ll Create
Your Personalized Financial Roadmap

Financial advisors and wealth managers often focus on the creation and management of investment portfolios. They view client portfolios as an isolated detail, whereas we believe they should be considered differently.

While the investment portfolio is critically important, it should be a means to get you where you want to go. It’s a funding mechanism and should rely on your specific goals and objectives. Through a client-focused approach, we believe in understanding your needs and lifestyle in order to help you fund the retirement you have in mind.

Our Process

Step 1:
Discovery Meeting

Before we begin designing your portfolio, we’ll take a step back. First, we need to understand your dreams, your lifestyle and your goals. Fundamentally, we want to know what it is that you want to accomplish and what you want your portfolio to do for you.

If you’re like most of our clients, retirement is your primary financial goal. You want to achieve and maintain a retirement lifestyle that affords you independence and the peace of mind that your legacy is preserved and passed on to the ones you love. That’s where we come in.

Step 2:
Clarify Your Goals

We’ll work with you to clarify your retirement goals by specifying when you want to retire and by determining the net, after-tax cash flow amount you will need to maintain your retirement lifestyle in the long run. Once these parameters are determined, we create your retirement plan and, in some cases, several optional retirement scenarios.

Step 3:
Develop & Present Your Plan

Your retirement plan will incorporate all aspects of your goals in relation to your financial picture. From cash flow requirements to proper budgeting, we’ll determine if we can reasonably expect the actions taken today will help you achieve the retirement of your dreams.

We will develop a detailed roadmap outlining how your portfolio will need to grow in order to reach the capital sum required to fund your plan. Every year thereafter we will review it to determine if you are on target or if adjustments are required.

Step 4:
Review & Implement

Since we view your portfolio as a funding mechanism, the design and implementation of your portfolio are driven by the requirements of your plan. Your portfolio’s structure and allocation are created to achieve a rate of return over time that will be sufficient to fund your retirement plan.

The success of your portfolio is defined by the achievement of your retirement dreams, the maintenance of your lifestyle, and the opportunity to provide for your loved ones.

Let’s Begin By Understanding What Is Important to You

Our process is designed to provide maximum value throughout our planning experience. This starts by addressing your unique objectives and concerns in order to provide long-term peace of mind and confidence in our working relationship.

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