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30 Jan
[Webinar] Savvy Tax Planning: Strategies to Help You Pay the Least Amount of Taxes!


In this new workshop, we will cover several clear-cut, easy to understand strategies to help lower your tax bill:

  • Roth conversions: when it makes sense to convert, how Roth conversions can reduce your taxes and one BIG mistake to avoid!
  • How improving the “asset location" in your investment portfolio can save you thousands in unnecessary taxes!
  • Required Minimum Distributions: how to minimize taxes on your “RMDs”  and how recent tax laws may impact your retirement plan.
  • Social Security: how to lower taxes on benefits and 3 things to consider before filing.

 If you are retired or nearing retirement and are interested in paying the least amount of taxes, this workshop is for you!

Date and Time

Tue, Jan 30, 2024

7:00p - 7:45p EST


Online Webinar


Host: Evan Levy, CFP ®


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